• Who’s This Randy Dude?

    Well, that's me! I'm from East TN, married to the lovely Laura, have way too many kids (two of which are Active Military), and we live in Knoxville.

    On the photography side I have the coolest photography studio in Knoxville (ok, maybe I am a bit biased), have won several awards, teach a variety of photography classes & workshops, love working with kids, high school seniors, and families, and shoot a lot of sports (bad habit #3). My images have been published worldwide, including on two Sports Illustrated covers and many other national and international magazines and newspapers. I have photographed everything from newborns to underground mines to some very awesome images of kids and high school seniors, and yeah it's a blast!

    My goal is to produce stunning images of my subjects using creative backgrounds, a great relationship with my subjects, dramatic lighting, and awesome posing. Thanks for stopping by!

    Click here for my sports photography site.

Norris Dam Flood Gates

Many moons ago, as in first or second grade, my 2nd grade teacher at Norris Elementary (Mrs. Ellelyn Crossno, who is still in my top 5 favorite people on the planet list), loaded our class into whatever transportation was available and took us to watch the actual lowering of the flood gates at Norris Dam. […]

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  • Norris Lake - Great photo of Norris Dam!

  • admin - Thanks! Took a while to get rid of the powerlines :)

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Vagabond Mini Lithium

Ok, this goes into the technical/geeky column…if you are not way into photography please ignore Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini Lithium battery/power supply/inverter Amazing SMALL device, I have had mine for a few days and absolutely love it. Recycle time with two AB-800’s at 1/2 power or so is amazing, still have not managed to […]

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  • Colby McLemore - Randy,

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been thinking about these. I’d love to hear more.


  • Pavel - Thanks for the review! Let us know approx. how many shots you can get out of a charge. I’m looking at Alien Bees, and something like this would definitely increase how often they will be used!

  • David Saunders - Thanks for the image… I have 2 of those on order… If they work as expected I will pick up to more to allow my Elinchroms to travel with me.

  • Joe Jack - Hi Randy,

    I recently designed a new mounting system for the Vagabond Mini Lithium that I thought you (and the readers of your post) might find helpful in ending your search for the best way to mount your VML to a light stand (using a super clamp alone will work, but over time will end up damaging your VML because the threaded insert in the VML will break).

    It’s called the VML Bracket, and is making quite a name for itself as the ultimate mounting solution for the Vagabond Mini Lithium. For more information on the VML Bracket visit http://www.vmlbracket.com, and please let me know if you have any questions.


  • Randy Sartin - Hey Joe,

    The VML Bracket looks like the perfect solution! Can’t wait to get my hands on one (hmmm, sounds like another post coming up soon)!

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