• Who’s This Randy Dude?

    Well, that's me! I'm from East TN, married to the lovely Laura, have way too many kids (two of which are Active Military), and we live in Knoxville.

    On the photography side I have the coolest photography studio in Knoxville (ok, maybe I am a bit biased), have won several awards, teach a variety of photography classes & workshops, love working with kids, high school seniors, and families, and shoot a lot of sports (bad habit #3). My images have been published worldwide, including on two Sports Illustrated covers and many other national and international magazines and newspapers. I have photographed everything from newborns to underground mines to some very awesome images of kids and high school seniors, and yeah it's a blast!

    My goal is to produce stunning images of my subjects using creative backgrounds, a great relationship with my subjects, dramatic lighting, and awesome posing. Thanks for stopping by!

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Katie and Kyle’s Wedding

Here’s take 3, I had an image out of order:)

  • Indianapolis Wedding Photographer - Nice mix of overall and detail shots !!
    Get feel to the wedding, I bet the bride and groom will love them..

    Good work!!


  • Gail - Beautiful video. Great work.

  • Sugar Designworks - Wow, this video is very moving! You are a GREAT photographer!
    amy coe

  • Birmingham Alabama Photographer - Fun wedding! Great job on putting it all together.


  • Ottawa Wedding and Portrait Photographer - Nice pictures.

    you’ve got a good variety as well.


  • Andrea, Savannah, Ga - Beautiful, beautiful work!

  • Hawaii Photographer - First, I love the new look on your website! Next, love the slideshow; you did a great job here.



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US Army Basic Training

Quick remix of some shots my son, Scott, took while in Basic Training

  • Stephen King - I’ll bet you are proud of your son.

    Tell him Mr Stephen King said thank you for his service to our country.

    BTW Randy I just got my second family to photography under Op Love.

    They are shippin out in June so I have some time.

    I am sure you are going to get more families to photograph in Knoxville, TN

  • admin - Stephen,
    Thanks for the kind comments, I’m so proud of him I can’t hardly stand it! The best I can tell, his barracks is 3 buildings over from the one I was in about 23 years ago, pretty weird…
    Great to hear about the OpLove sessions, we have a Reserve Unit leaving in March and I’m getting the word out to them.

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Katie’s Wedding Dress

Here are a few images of Katie’s Wedding Dress…

  • kitchener waterloo photography - Cool processing Randy! I especially like the top one.


  • Bellafotografica - Beautiful photos Randy, the wedding dress is classically gorgeous :)


  • The Colorado Springs Photographer - OK, dress photos don’t usually impress me, but the top one with the violin flourishes is VERY cool! Well done.


  • Tracy Besek - Dearborn Photographer - Simply Beautiful. Your processing is top notch. I love the color in #2

  • oklahoma wedding photographers - You complimented the wedding dress in pic#2 well with your edits.Kudos!

  • Wedding Photographers in Tulsa - The wedding dress is simply awesome and I like your perspective in capturing it.

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