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UT Knoxville Basketball Winding Down

It was October last year when I received my season credentials and parking passes for both the UT Men’s and Lady Vol’s basketball program and I remember being pretty darn excited about it 🙂

17  Lady Vol games and 19 Men’s games is a pretty tall order (in full disclaimer I missed two games) but it has been an absolute blast…I have renamed Thompson Boling Arena my “Weekend Lake House”, got to spend more time with friends, made a ton of new friends, know the fastest ways to TBA from any point in Knox County, VW/Tori (world’s best 2 year old Grandbaby) recognizes me sitting on the baseline while watching TV (plus she screams “Skylar McBee for Three!” better than any of the radio announcers).

It’s been amazing watching the tremendous support for Pat, and watching Cuonzo bring the team along (and Jarnell was a story all by his self) has been tremendous.

It’s been a huge experience and I can’t wait for next year, but the end is near. That sort of struck home with me tonight as I was getting ready for tomorrow’s final Lady Vol home game when I started tearing off the last parking pass, and there is just one more Men’s home game as well 🙁


On a side note, if you want to go to Texas Roadhouse, I got 36 free appetizers (coupon printed on the back of the parking passes) 🙂

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