Special Offer for ALL Contestants of the 2011 Baby/Toddler Contest

First I want to say thanks to everyone for participating in this year’s contest. I had a blast, ALL of the kids had some awesome images, it really turned out well. As you might imagine, I’m always looking for ways to get some more business, and boy do I have a deal for you :)…

I’m offering another free (no contests this time!) session to you, but I want to encourage you to use it in a particular way, as in a Family Portrait Session. I think that a lot of times we all get caught up in life, do good to just get pictures of the kids, and all too often folks look back at a point in there lives and say, “I sure wish we had a family picture made a few years ago”. I would do anything for an image of me and my brother with Mom and Dad, and it simply does not exist.

If family means you and your kid, I’m good with that…if family means 5 brothers and sisters, Mom, Dad, grandparents, two dogs, and the pet frog…I’m good with that! Sessions can be in Studio or most anywhere on location in the Knoxville area…I have several good spots for outdoor sessions I use, and I’m always open for new places. Pretty much the same deal as the Baby Contest, we will do the session then I will have you come into the studio a week or so later for a viewing session, but I will not be offering the free 8X10 with this. I will offer the 25% discount (excluding packages), so this is a GREAT opportunity to get a large family portrait. Print pricing is here (the only change to pricing from the contest is the removal of the $125 Baby Contest Package) and remember you are saving the $75 session fee and still get the 25% off (excluding packages). And yes, if you are one of the six winners you may also use your prize money. My wife is going to kill me…. 🙂

Two rules….

1) You had to enter the 2011 Randy Sartin Photography Cutest Baby/Toddler Contest

2) You have to book the session with me this (March 2011) month, but session can be shot anytime before June 6, 2011. I would prefer to do outside stuff this spring, and let’s try to stay away from Sundays.

If you are interested, send me an email to randy@sartinphoto.com before the end of this month with a few dates that are good for you and we will get a date set. I’ll also send you some information on clothing suggestions and other tips that will help us create an AWESOME family portrait, and I really hope that all of you take advantage of this offer…just remember we have to book the date this month!

Also, I am going to announce a $25 off session fee deal for everyone who “likes” the Randy Sartin Photography Facebook Page (you know, those 1600 friends you’ve been bugging the heck out of for the past week) 🙂  I know it’s no use to friends and family who are out of town, but felt like I should do something for everyone supporting the contest. Thanks!


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