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    Well, that's me! I'm from East TN, married to the lovely Laura, have way too many kids (two of which are Active Military), and we live in Knoxville.

    On the photography side I have the coolest photography studio in Knoxville (ok, maybe I am a bit biased), have won several awards, teach a variety of photography classes & workshops, love working with kids, high school seniors, and families, and shoot a lot of sports (bad habit #3). My images have been published worldwide, including on two Sports Illustrated covers and many other national and international magazines and newspapers. I have photographed everything from newborns to underground mines to some very awesome images of kids and high school seniors, and yeah it's a blast!

    My goal is to produce stunning images of my subjects using creative backgrounds, a great relationship with my subjects, dramatic lighting, and awesome posing. Thanks for stopping by!

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Katie’s Wedding Dress

Here are a few images of Katie’s Wedding Dress…

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  • kitchener waterloo photography - Cool processing Randy! I especially like the top one.


  • Bellafotografica - Beautiful photos Randy, the wedding dress is classically gorgeous :)


  • The Colorado Springs Photographer - OK, dress photos don’t usually impress me, but the top one with the violin flourishes is VERY cool! Well done.


  • Tracy Besek - Dearborn Photographer - Simply Beautiful. Your processing is top notch. I love the color in #2

  • oklahoma wedding photographers - You complimented the wedding dress in pic#2 well with your edits.Kudos!

  • Wedding Photographers in Tulsa - The wedding dress is simply awesome and I like your perspective in capturing it.

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Kyle’s Car

As soon as I saw Kyle’s car decorated with Postit Notes I had this in mind…

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  • Memphis Photographer - Wow, what a great idea. I’ve never seen a car decorated for the wedding with post its! And you were so creative with your shot for it.

  • Gerri E. Milkovie Photography - This looks great. I love the colors. What a fun idea too.

    Gerri Milkovie

  • Tammy Netherton - I love this Randy! How fun!

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Knoxville Nutcracker On Ice

Yesterday I had the chance to accompany Mr. Tom Geisler to the Ice Chalet to assist with covering a production of “Nutcracker On Ice“. Tom is THE Photography Instructor here in Knoxville and I owe a lot of my success to him. Shooting on the ice with ever changing lighting was pretty challenging, but I […]

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  • Tracy Besek - Dearborn Family Photographer - Beautiful images. The skaters look so graceful, and you can actually feel them moving here. Great job.

  • Colorado Springs Photographer - These are very nice images. I love the look you captured.

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Wedding Ring Heart Images

This is a “classic” wedding photography image that I have seen several times but had never attempted. So I had to give it a try…by changing the height of the lighting you can adjust the heart shadows…pretty cool stuff!

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  • Sudbury Wedding Photography - Well now, isn’t that a very creative idea. I have never seen something like that. Great stuff, I’m sure the couple will love it too.


  • scphotography - Great work!

  • peoria illinois photographer - What a clever idea! Great wedding images!

  • Dallas Senior Portraits - Oh, wow!! I’ve never seen this before! How unique and beautiful this is! Wonderful job on the lighting!


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