• Who’s This Randy Dude?

    Well, that's me! I'm from East TN, married to the lovely Laura, have way too many kids (two of which are Active Military), and we live in Knoxville.

    On the photography side I have the coolest photography studio in Knoxville (ok, maybe I am a bit biased), have won several awards, teach a variety of photography classes & workshops, love working with kids, high school seniors, and families, and shoot a lot of sports (bad habit #3). My images have been published worldwide, including on two Sports Illustrated covers and many other national and international magazines and newspapers. I have photographed everything from newborns to underground mines to some very awesome images of kids and high school seniors, and yeah it's a blast!

    My goal is to produce stunning images of my subjects using creative backgrounds, a great relationship with my subjects, dramatic lighting, and awesome posing. Thanks for stopping by!

    Click here for my sports photography site.

UT Digital Photography Class

Tonight I had the pleasure of speaking at Tom Geisler’s advanced photography class and I mentioned a few websites that I promised to put up some information about, so here they are! First and foremost is NOBS . There is a lot of information available for free but the paid portion of the forum is absolutely the […]

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  • KelliB - Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions during class this evening. It was great to hear from someone doing so well!

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Knoxville Wedding Photographers

We have got all of the final retouches and edits completed on Carol and John’s AWESOME Wedding! Here’s the final Animoto, more images are located HERE

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  • Carol - I cried! I didn’t cry at the wedding, but I cried when I watched this video! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, again! They are amazing and I even like MOST of the ones of me! ha ha ha! You captured the spirit, the feelings and the personalities of EVERYONE there! You even got ‘that movie look’ you talked about between us! Incredible work! I am thrilled beyond belief! Thank you with all my heart!

  • gretchenbphotography - Randy, nice job on the wedding and the slideshow! Looks like you made this bride very happy!


  • Andrea Hillis - Very, very nice…I love the video, the images…you captured them perfectly.


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Knoxville OpLove Session

Yesterday we had a GREAT free OpLove session at Tyson Park. We can’t mention names, but the little girl had a blast and the Mom had a good time as well. Dad is already deployed and we will be sending the album directly to him. Mom has already served three tours overseas, so I really […]

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  • Tammy Netherton - I love, love, love this Randy! How cute! I bet the dad is gonna cherish this forever!

  • Regina SK photographer - GREAT op love session. The portraits are so good and will truly be treasured!

    Wayne Iverson Photography

  • Andrea Hillis - Awe…these are so special…I love them!

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2009 American Whippet Club (AWC) National

Last week I spent 3 fast paced days with Julie Poole at the AWC National Specialty in Atlanta, Ga The people were great, the dogs were absolutely amazing, and the photography was out of this world…between Julie and I we took approximately 25,000 photographs! Julie is known nationwide for her outstanding pet photography and is […]

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  • Tracy Besek - Dearborn, MI Photographer - Great stuff! I just love the sleak energetic look of whippets, and other sight hounds.
    I watched the slideshow, and laughed at the chihuahua photo. Very funny.
    You caught all these guys at their best!

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Knoxville Family Photography

Today we had the pleasure of photographing Michelle and Shane along with their 3 gorgeous daughters. The kids were terrific to work with, I think they were trying out for “America’s Top Model” I’m so glad it’s warm enough to get outside!!! Here are a few samples, best viewed with the Pic Lens option…

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Scott AIT Graduation

My son Scott just graduated from Military Police Training in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. He’ll be home for 2 weeks then he’s off to Fort Riley, KS and from there he will probably be deployed overseas. 20 something years ago I completed Combat Engineer Training at Fort Leonard Wood and then went to Fort Riley…never […]

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  • Marion AR Photograph - congratulations to your son and God Bless that poor girlfriend of his and your family! sorry, I’m a little bummed, just found out that my husband is leaving for his 2nd tour and these are tugging at my heart strings just a bit. Glad you were there to capture some of his hard work on film for him.

  • admin - Well he and the poor girlfriend are now Happy Husband and Wife! They’ve been together for years and we all assumed they would get married at some point…thay decided to go ahead and get married before he left. She’s staying in Knoxville untill he returns from wherever, it’s all good!

  • Jackie MacRae - Behold Photographics - I especially like the first shot – a very striking shot.

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Cars and Coffee in Knoxville

Saturday we  covered the Cars and Coffee event at European Auto Garage It was great to meet a lot of new people, surprising how many people I knew, and a blast seeing all the cars! Here’s an Animoto Video….   And here are a few images, best viewed with the Pic Lens option….

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Carol & John’s Wedding

On Saturday we had the honor of capturing some GREAT Images at Carol and John’s Wedding. What a beautiful family! We had a great time and wish them all the best.  Here’s an Animoto Video…   And here are a few quick previews, best viewed with the Pic Lens option.

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  • Carol - I love, I love, I LOVE these pics! Thank you, again and again, for being SO easy to work with and capturing all those moments that WE saw and enjoyed that no one else would have without you being there! Our very private ceremony can now be enjoyed by our entire family, through the story you tell in your pictures. Your eye was exactly what I wanted and, despite the rain, you made even my wilted hair look beautiful! Trust me folks, I didn’t look this good! Randy did that! Can not WAIT to see the rest! Especially me and my Blackberry! LOL!

  • admin - Carol,
    You’re too kind! You guys were a blast and made it easy for us. Many thanks to Laura, Jim, and also to Steve Hall for allowing us the use of Cherokee Mills, we would have had some serious issues without the building!

  • Jackie MacRae - Behold Photographics - Some very unusual angles – I especially like the splash of bright colour made by the flowers.

  • Knoxville Wedding Photographers » Knoxville Wedding Photographer - […] We have got all of the final retouches and edits completed on Carol and John’s AWESOME Wedding! Here’s the final Animoto, more images are located HERE […]

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