• Where is the studio located and when are you open? Our studio is located 2244 Western Avenue. We work by appointment only.  If you would like to make an appointment, please contact me via email at randy@sartinphoto.com or call/text me at (865) 696-8099
  • How does it all work? Here’s a quick breakdown…
  1. Look around the website and fall in love with our photography and start to think about your awesome portrait session becoming a reality!
  2. Decide which session you would like.  Remember that we offer indoor, outdoor, and on location sessions.  Once you decide which session that you would want just pick up the phone and call us to schedule your appointment. For first time clients, we do require the session fee to be paid up front to get you scheduled.
  3. On the day of your session we will have a view and order appointment at our studio.  That’s right…about 10 minutes after your session you will be viewing the images on our projection screen.  We need to make sure that all of the decision makers are present for this viewing and ordering session.  If you wish to do this on a different day that option is available.
  • What if there is a forecast for bad weather? Bring an umbrella! Seriously, some of my most powerful images have been created in inclement weather, plus I have access to some super cool indoor locations if needed.
  • When will I see my proofs? Typically you will see your proofs immediately after the shoot. We do not offer printed proofs. Better yet, you will view and order your images right here in our studio (typically within 30 minutes after your session).  We have a large projector system where you can view images, compare them, ask questions, etc.  You’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy the process and how easy it is having an “expert” right there with you to help you make your decisions.  Popcorn, cookies, and drinks are normally available. We usually do the viewing on the same day as the session so in most cases, you’ll see your proofs within 10-30 minutes after the session is completed.  Keep in mind, you will place your order and pay in full during this viewing session so be sure that all decision makers are present.  We offer only one viewing/ordering appointment per session, so if you need to make additional viewing appointments (like other family members), the cost is $50 per extra 1-hour viewing session.
  • Do you offer online galleries? No. OK, sometimes at my discretion I will set up an online sales session for a distant Grandparent, etc. AFTER the original order has been placed.
  • What if I don’t like my pictures? We certainly hope this doesn’t happen but we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.  When you view your pictures for the first time at your viewing and ordering appointment, if you’re not absolutely thrilled, we will re-shoot the session or refund your money.  No Questions Asked!
  • I’ve placed my order, when will my prints come in? I will begin processing your order once full payment is received.  Please allow 2 weeks for processing and delivery.  I inspect every single image to make sure that it is perfect.  If it isn’t, I will make it perfect before you see them.
  • What can I expect at a photo session? Expect to have fun!  For little ones, just let them be themselves.  For seniors, expect unique images unlike anything your friends will have.  We tailor each senior session to the person we are capturing.  Unlike some of the large studios that crank people through like an assembly line, we get to know who you are…your likes and dislikes, your personality and hobbies…and we help you choose outfits and props and locations that suit you and tell a story about WHO YOU ARE!
  • How long will the session last? Family sessions and Children sessions usually take 30-90 minutes but we never want to rush you.  We’ll take all the time necessary to get comfortable, try different poses, and capture each moment with excellence. You will not be rushed because we know the best shots take place when everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.  Senior sessions vary depending on which session you book.
  • Should we do pictures outside or in your studio? We offer indoor, outdoor, and location sessions. Most senior sessions offer a bit of everything. For most other types of sessions, take your pick. I love shooting outdoors as it gives children lots of room to run and play and be themselves, but I also enjoy the creative lighting control in my studio. My best suggestion is for you to look through the website and see which style best suits you.
  • How can I book you? We are an appointment only studio so please call/email with your requested date/time.  I will do my best to accommodate your schedule with mine.  To ensure the utmost quality, I shoot every session personally, so when you book a session, you’ll be working directly with me.  I am a full time photographer so my schedule is pretty flexible.  However, weekdays are usually your best option as I cover a lot of sports on Saturdays and we reserve Sundays as our day off for family time.  For regular portrait sessions, try to find a weekday time between 9:00am and 5pm.
  • What should we bring along? For children, some suggestions of what to bring could include a favorite hat, jacket, sunglasses, lollipop, boots, blanket, stuffed animal, super hero cape, tutu, etc. or anything else that shows your child’s personality and helps to tell a story about who they are.  Not only do these props give your child something to interact with during the session, they can also help to keep them occupied and content.  Who knows, these fun shots might just be your favorites. For seniors, you CAN NOT bring too much stuff.  Bring anything and everything that tells a story about who you are…favorite outfits of course, but also sports uniforms and props if you’re an athlete, books and magazines that you like to read, your car, your pet,  musical instruments you play, your cell phone if you’re a texting junkie, laptop or iPad, and on and on.  Seriously, bring everything that tells a story about YOU.
  • What should we wear? I primarily suggest that you wear clothing that reflects who you are, and if there are going to be group poses there needs to be some coordination. For more detailed suggestions on what to wear check out our clothing suggestions.


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