New Studio Location for Randy Sartin Photography

Drum Roll Please……..:)

It’s time for the official announcement, Randy Sartin Photography is moving to a new studio location! Super excited with the new place and some of the options it opens up. Of course the move is a little bittersweet, I love the place on Barbee Lane and Wade and Lisa have been a HUGE help over the past year and a half…Thanks Guys!

The new place is a brick house built around 1930 and is located at 2244 Western Ave. It has a TON of room and with the help of friends and family we are super busy in the middle of a pretty major remodeling job. I have worked in the immediate area for the majority of my adult life and there are some tremendous shooting locations within remarkably short distances.

We are hoping to be up and running by the end of the month, and we are going to have one heck of a “New Studio” party as soon as we get officially re-opened.

Here’s a map to the new place…

View Larger Map

And here are the “before” images…warning contains graphic old house content:)


  • Lisa - Randy! How exciting for you! I’d love to come and see it when you are all set up! This is awesome and I wish you huge success with your new studio!


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