UT Digital Photography Class

Tonight I had the pleasure of speaking at Tom Geisler’s advanced photography class and I mentioned a few websites that I promised to put up some information about, so here they are!

  • First and foremost is NOBS . There is a lot of information available for free but the paid portion of the forum is absolutely the best investment I’ve ever made in photography (excluding Tom’s classes, of course!)
  • An excellent free forum is dGrin.
  • Both of these forums are excellent places to post images for feedback. NOBS also is a tremendous resource for tutorials, marketing info, and networking.

Another site worth looking at is Ken Rockwell , especially if you are a Nikon user. Ken is very opioniated and you sort of have to weed through some stuff to get to the goodies. His Nikon user guides are excellent.

Another “You either hate ’em or you love him” guy is Charles Lewis . He has a very specific approach to selling large Fine Art portraits, but a lot of his marketing techniques make a lot of sense.

Oh yeah, one more good site is ProPhoto . If you’re looking for a website that is easy to set up, a breeze to keep updated, very search engine friendly, and doesn’t cost a ton…this is what you need!

Please feel free to call/text/email with any questions, Thanks!

  • KelliB - Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions during class this evening. It was great to hear from someone doing so well!

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