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    Well, that's me! I'm from East TN, married to the lovely Laura, have way too many kids (two of which are Active Military), and we live in Knoxville.

    On the photography side I have the coolest photography studio in Knoxville (ok, maybe I am a bit biased), have won several awards, teach a variety of photography classes & workshops, love working with kids, high school seniors, and families, and shoot a lot of sports (bad habit #3). My images have been published worldwide, including on two Sports Illustrated covers and many other national and international magazines and newspapers. I have photographed everything from newborns to underground mines to some very awesome images of kids and high school seniors, and yeah it's a blast!

    My goal is to produce stunning images of my subjects using creative backgrounds, a great relationship with my subjects, dramatic lighting, and awesome posing. Thanks for stopping by!

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Knoxville Photography Studio

For those who do not know, we underwent a small disaster at the studio starting in January when some water pipes froze and busted upstairs…the back half of the studio looked like a rain forest or something. Seriously…

After a ton of work and lots of help from many friends, we finally have things back to normal.

We had a blank wall that I thought would look good painted in graffiti, so super helper James found this guy:)

Thursday I was finally able to photograph the lovely Molly on the new wall and some other new backgrounds, super excited about our new setup! Here’s a few of our favorites.



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Knoxville Family Photo Session

Late last fall I photographed this wonderful family at the UT Botanical Gardens…we were a bit late in the year but everything turned out really well! I love large extended families like this because we can break them out in separate groups and I’m always super pleased with the results:)

And yes, some of these characters happen to be former UT Quarterback Erik Ainge, his gorgeous wife Amanda, and their adorable kids (we also photographed the little ones in the studio, I’ll share them later). Be sure to catch Erik’s radio show over at Tennessee Sports Radio, it’s a blast!

Here’s a few of my favorites…





Amanda finally found a center to play LeafBall with :)

Amanda finally found a center to play LeafBall with :)


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Knoxville Family Photographer

In between shooting for the University Of The Cumberlands for three months and then shooting some national championship youth football and soccer in Florida for two weeks, I finally got to do one of the things I truly love…photographing an awesome family in and around the studio in Knoxville, TN.

I knew it was all going to be good when I realized their little one was a three year old girl, I seem to have that age figured out:)Super cool family, we all really had a great time!

Here are a few of our favorite images from the session…


And here are a few of these amazing wall portraits just before delivery on Christmas Eve, center image is a 40″ wide by 30″ tall canvas

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VW (Tori) and The Caterpillar

No children, animals, bugs, insects, or future butterflies were seriously harmed in this photo session.

VW: Oh Boy!!! A Caddypillwar!!! Caterpillar: Uh Oh… Must. Run. Fast!!!

VW: This is fun!!! Caterpillar: Hey, that tickles:)!

VW: I’m going to pet him and love him and take care of him… Caterpillar: Uh, thanks kid, but I’m good…just leave me here on the ground, OK?

VW: I’m going to pet him and love him and take care of him… Caterpillar: Honest, I’m good, just put me on the ground and we will all be happy…it was fun while it lasted…

VW: I’m going to pet him and love him and take care of him… Caterpillar: OK kid, this is getting old real fast…

VW: Uh Oh!!! Caddypillwar fall down and go boom!!! Caterpillar: (screaming) HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………….

VW: Is the Caddypillwar sick!!! Caterpillar: Uh yeah, I just fell from the top of the Empire State Building, Remember???

VW: I’m going to pet him and love him and take care of him… Caterpillar: It’s gonna be one rough evening….



Boston Family Photographer - Randy these are absolutely adorable. I love every one them. What a fantastic album these would make for the family to enjoy.

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UT Knoxville Basketball Winding Down

It was October last year when I received my season credentials and parking passes for both the UT Men’s and Lady Vol’s basketball program and I remember being pretty darn excited about it:)

17  Lady Vol games and 19 Men’s games is a pretty tall order (in full disclaimer I missed two games) but it has been an absolute blast…I have renamed Thompson Boling Arena my “Weekend Lake House”, got to spend more time with friends, made a ton of new friends, know the fastest ways to TBA from any point in Knox County, VW/Tori (world’s best 2 year old Grandbaby) recognizes me sitting on the baseline while watching TV (plus she screams “Skylar McBee for Three!” better than any of the radio announcers).

It’s been amazing watching the tremendous support for Pat, and watching Cuonzo bring the team along (and Jarnell was a story all by his self) has been tremendous.

It’s been a huge experience and I can’t wait for next year, but the end is near. That sort of struck home with me tonight as I was getting ready for tomorrow’s final Lady Vol home game when I started tearing off the last parking pass, and there is just one more Men’s home game as well:(


On a side note, if you want to go to Texas Roadhouse, I got 36 free appetizers (coupon printed on the back of the parking passes):)

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